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We have gained so much Useful knowledge

about collaboration, communication, healthy work environment, 

development and collective performance -

in brief, Jeppe is simply amazing!

Nina Skov-Lauridsen, Leader at FOA Odense

It was 




Ronja Rohde - HR &Event Coordinator


He explains the

content in a way that is clear and easy to understand

- so all in all 

very inspiring


Svend Erik Andersen

Dansk Bank, 

asset management

Jeppe's teachings was so inspiring

and fruitful!

Everyone would benefit from getting this knowledge!

Josephine Keff

Copenhagen business school

It was an 


experience for me! 

I give Jeppe 

my warmest 



Sussi Brand

Hr. Chr. Nielsen & Co.

"It has made such a big difference to me 

- Big thanks to Jeppe!"

"100% Convinced!"

"It was great and precise,

- A really good presentation!"


We were very satisfied!


Different comments from Johnny Sanders team


We are grateful for the



It has inspired our employees to

make great use of the tools and techniques!

- Birthe Risbøl Pedersen - CEO at Horskær ØVR

Jeppe is making what is complex

and difficult - 

 tangible and easy.

He is a star in his field!

Jytte Stai, CEO


The teaching 

was absolutely



Tania Carver

Office Employee, CPH

Jeppe was incredibly personal 

and moving in his presentation! 

His way of speaking was so lively and explanatory, that every listened and understood.

Everyone have achieved a new perspective, making all of it more accessible and useful.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Bitten Volmar, Head of HR

Give Steel

An exciting 


and we are


to begin!


Mia Hardorf - HR 

Munck Gruppen

Thank you for a 

really great experience! 

Both my students

and I really enjoyed the event! The combination of the theory and practical exercises were both

educative and entertaining!

- Claudia C. Augustenborg // Institute of Psykologi 

Copenhagen University

It was 

extremely intersting 

and he kept my attention through 

all of it! 

I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next! My warmest 


- Chilie Keff

SSP The food travel experts

Jeppe has a very special gift.

You lose track of 

time and space during his sessions!


Viktoria Emmelie Maleshyn

School of Alternative teaching, Ollerup

You are easily


by Jeppe's energi!


Karen Loy Tengberg

Gerlev Højskole

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Stine Skaarup // Kindergarten teacher 

​It is always inspiring to meet people that are truly passionate about what they do. That is the kind of experience i had, when I attended Jeppe's workshop.

Jeppe created a soothing and friendly atmosphere, and his great knowledge were communicated in a way that was easy to understand, while being supported by scientific data.  The practical exercises made the theoretical content settle really well! I also read Jeppe's book - The Way Out, Is In - and I am excited to continue with all that I have learned!

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