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Stine Skaarup // Kindergarten teacher 

​It is always inspiring to meet people that are truly passionate about what they do. That is the kind of experience i had, when I attended Jeppe's workshop.

Jeppe created a soothing and friendly atmosphere, and his great knowledge were communicated in a way that was easy to understand, while being supported by scientific data.  The practical exercises made the theoretical content settle really well! I also read Jeppe's book - The Way Out, Is In - and I am excited to continue with all that I have learned!

Tania Carver // Office Employee, CPH

Thank you for the absolutely incredible teaching and content! I have acquired an insight on the complexity of the brain, the effects of the techniques and how to practice them in a way, that is accessible to everybody.

Lasse Simonsen // Agriculturalist

I have learned a lot from Jeppe and he has been a big inspiration as a teacher, as well as a friend. 

Karen Loy Tengberg / Teacher at Gerlev Idrætshøjskole

Jeppe visited Gerlev school of sports and athletics in december 2018. One is easily drawn by Jeppe's postive, calm and present energy. The combination of practical exercises and theoretically knowledge was inspiring - and with Jeppe's personal story and background, everyone was left curious and enthusiastic. It has inspired the student to practice and benefits from the techniques. The way out, IS in - and Jeppe is a true example of that!

Svend Erik Andersen // Dansk Bank - Asset Management

Jeppe made an extraordinary presentation, on why it is beneficial to train our brain. He explained the complexity on what happens to the brain, when we train it, in a way that was down-to-earth and easy to understand. He showed some good and easy exercises that were clear and doable. A very inspiring session and I will definitely keep practicing!

Josephine Keff // Copenhagen business school & Superyachts

Jeppe's presentation was so inspiring and fruitful! Everyone would benefit from the content. I started my morning with one of his guided online exercises and i did not want it to end. So grateful for the content of the presentation and the online training!

Viktoria Emmeli Maleshyn​ // Teacher

As a student, you can tell that Jeppe has a very special gift. You lose track of time and space during his teachings and sessions.

Jytte Stai // CEO at Staï - Nutrition

Jeppe masters the art of turning the complex into something simple and tangible. He is a star in his field and makes a difference.

Tobias Hansen​ // Agriculturalist and Entrepreneur

Jeppe's teachings are very inspiring. He is able to make the theory exciting and down-to-earth. His guidance on how to train the brain, has expanded my self-perspective and given me and invaluable tool, in my life.

Chilie Keff // SSP The food travel experts

I immediately felt comfortable when i met Jeppe and I could tell, that he was genuinely happy and excited to have us. Jeppe is able to create a space filled with awareness and he has a great knowledge about how our brain works. It is incredibly interesting and it was once again confirmed to me, how magnificent our brain is. 

He has a humbleness about what he does and he kept my attention through the entire day!

I am really looking forward to seeing, what Jeppe delivers to us next time and I give him my warmest recommendation!

Sussi Baand // Bogholder hos Hr. Chr. Nielsen & Co.

I went to Jeppe's workshop with an open mind and i had no previous knowledge, on the subject.

The atmosphere was nice and comfortable and I felt deeply relaxed. Jeppe's guidance in the exercises, was soothing for my soul and the different practices made my feel deeply at ease and released all my tension.

Jeppe has a great knowledge about the brain and how it can benefit from the exercises. The practical exercises was an incredible experience for me, though challenging - but with Jeppe's calming voice and presence, I was able to stay focused. It gave me a good sensation in my body and it is definitely something I am going to continue doing! I warmly recommend Jeppe!

Tanja G. / Student at Gerlev - school of sports and athletics

A 1000 thank to Jeppe for an magnificent day at Gerlev. Beside the great teachings, the book: "The way out - is in" is the greatest book, with the best format! Like a pocketbook, easy to read and dense on knowledge! It manages to demystify, what most people find very mysterious and gives a practical approach, that everyone can follow. Truly grateful!

Lykke Toftemark // Student

Jeppe's workshop was really great! He explained the mechanisms of the brain extremely well - much better that my previous psychology teacher. Jeppe combined  Jeppe connected neuropsychology with meditation in a really great way and explained the relation. He also introduced us to some really great exercises - and he is guiding really well, with a very comfortable voice.

He is a very charismatic person and i could easily see my self, attenting his workshop again!

It was 




Ronja Rohde - HR &Event Coordinator


"It has made such a big difference to me 

- Big thanks to Jeppe!"

"100% Convinced!"

"It was great and precise,

- A really good presentation!"


We were very satisfied!


Different comments from Johnny Sanders team


Jeppe is making what is complex

and difficult - 

 tangible and easy.

He is a star in his field!

Jytte Stai, CEO


Jeppe was incredibly personal 

and moving in his presentation! 

His way of speaking was so lively and explanatory, that every listened and understood.

Everyone have achieved a new perspective, making all of it more accessible and useful.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Bitten Volmar, Head of HR

Give Steel

An exciting 


and we are


to begin!


Mia Hardorf - HR 

Munck Gruppen

Jeppe has a very special gift.

You lose track of 

time and space during his sessions!


Viktoria Emmelie Maleshyn

School of Alternative teaching, Ollerup

You are easily


by Jeppe's energi!


Karen Loy Tengberg

Gerlev Højskole


Jeppe Aagaard

Jeppe is an expert on motivation, communication and the link between personal growth and great collective results. Jeppe's presentations and workshops are about good communication, collective effort and how taking good care of ourselves is crucial, to the help and service, that we can provide to our customers, co-workers and family.

Jeppe is specialized in helping sales teams, leaders and companies improving the daily communication, strengthen the individual and thereby creating a stronger community, that will naturally produce incredible results.

His approach is based on neuroscience, human phycology 

and experienced results, making the content tangible and instantly useful.

Besides being involved in the teachings, at the Institute of psychology, at the university of Copenhagen, doing public speaking and workshops all over the world, Jeppe has also 

released the book: “The way out - Is in”, which has succeeded in making more and more people discover their full capacity within themselves and others

- Jeppe Aagaard Lund

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