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Humanity's guide to thrival

In this book Jeppe taking a closer look at the foundation of our human existence and our need to thrive. 

Through tangible brain science, philosophy and practical tools, you will learn the basic steps you 

need to take in order to experience the full thriving potential of your own existence.

Are you ready?

Humanity's guide to thrival
The way out - is in

The way out - is in

Have you ever found the act of meditating too confusing and weird? This book is for all the people who wants all the great benefits of meditation, but need a more practical introduction to the exercise. The book is based on a perspective of neuro science and allows the reader to take the direct road to a better brain, body and life.

The way out - is in II

The way out - is in 

part II (danish only)

The sequel to the first book The way out - is in, which deepens the understanding about meditation and allows the reader to further their practice of meditation. The book is based on neuro science, biology and ever lasting philosophy.

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